Wimpy xanh cát Oggy would lượt thích nothing more than to snooze, but he's constantly bothered by the three ugly cockroaches who have invaded his home.

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Oggy & the cockroaches get lost in a pyramid; Oggy's whistle attracts invading grasshoppers; Oggy & Olivia's cruise on the Nile takes a turn.

When Oggy is accidentally enlisted as a gladiator, Olivia must save sầu the day; Jack gives Oggy chariot lessons; Oggy tries to survive sầu a day at the spa làm đẹp.

Joey, Jaông xã & Oggy compete in a rootin'-tootin' rodeo; Sheriff Oggy tries to maintain law và order; A bounty hunter mistakes Oggy for a fugitive.

Oggy's time at Versailles has a rocky start; Oggy must drive sầu the royal carriage lớn the palace; Oggy helps Jachồng prepare the king for his portrait.

Jaông xã joins Oggy for a fierce medieval tournament; Lord Bob leaves Oggy và Jachồng in charge of the castle; Oggy crosses paths with Quasimovì.

Jachồng brings a giant gorilla to Broadway; Oggy and Joey battle over flowers in old New York; Dee Dee competes with Al Capone.

Oggy the cabin boy & Jachồng the pirate race the cockroaches for treasure; Olivia's new medallion conjures a genie-lượt thích octopus.

Oggy adopts an adorable but destructive panda; Oggy và Jaông chồng try khổng lồ repair a vase with no help from the cockroaches; Oggy babysits for the emperor.

Oggy the elephant driver embarks on a tiger hunt; Oggy searches for a way khổng lồ meet the maharajah’s daughter; Jack accidentally invents a popular game.

Oggy và the cockroaches grow attached khổng lồ a baby dragon; Oggy volunteers for the Viking chief's dangerous mission; Oggy discovers Thor's secret fear.

Aladdin helps Oggy rescue Olivia the princess with an assist from the genie; Oggy và the cockroaches find the genie in the carpet store.

Oggy và company film their trip khổng lồ space; Oggy và the cockroaches join Charles Lindbergh on his famous flight; Oggy has a brilliant idea.

Joey uses kém chất lượng eclipses to become a village's leader; The cockroaches team up with a conquistador; Oggy has remorse about not helping the cockroaches.

Oggy's ring goes overboard -- and so vì chưng the cockroaches; A wrong turn leads khổng lồ a walk on the moon; Jaông chồng races to lớn be first to lớn the North Pole.

In Venice, Jaông chồng falls head over paws in love; Oggy's up to lớn his eyeballs in confetti; When it comes khổng lồ art, Oggy's no domain authority Vinci.

Oggy does his best Napoleon impression; Oggy solves the mystery of Napoleon's famous pose; Oggy makes an epic discovery on an archaeological dig.

Jack and Oggy manage a rest area in Mongolia; A milk shortage forces Oggy to lớn think outside the yak; Olivia competes for Best Yak Handler.

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The cockroaches run wild on Oggy's spaceship; Oggy's refrigerator has unwelcome visitors; Oggy & Olivia kiểm tra out a chicken-shaped spacecraft.

Jachồng trains Oggy to be his replacement samurai; Oggy looks to settle a conflict in the sumo ring; Bored with his job, Oggy takes to drawing.

Oggy invents paint to help plan hunting expeditions; Oggy's on a roll when he creates the wheel; Oggy and Jack tìm kiếm for a new cave-trang chủ.

Oggy, Jack, Olivia and Bob score superpowers; Oggy's new flying suit inspires jealousy; It's up to lớn the Z-Men to lớn put the cockroaches baông xã behind bars.

Oggy & the cockroaches run rampant through Zeus's palace; Zeus pawns his housework off on Oggy; The cockroaches prove themselves to lớn be poor tailors.

Oggy becomes the object of Circe's affection; An angry Poseidon sends Oggy toward Cyclops Island; A wacky compass takes Oggy's ship off course.

Jachồng and Oggy are ordered to build a temple; Oggy stumbles upon a lost child; the cockroaches use statues to lớn gain control of Oggy's house.

The cockroaches scare away an important tree; Oggy's voice makes it rain until Joey steps in; Oggy asks a genie for help with the cockroaches.

Oggy finds a sword stuông xã in a stone & meets Merlin; The chase is on to find a mystical treasure; Merlin's magical rival makes her presence known.

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