Yamaha is an iconic Japanese brvà of motorbikes and water transport manufacturer. The Yamaha Motor branch was founded in 1955 and gained huge respect and popularity across the world. Today the br& has more than 100 subsidiaries worldwide and is one of the most famous motorcycles manufacturers.

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Meaning & history


The name of the brand, Yamaha, can be translated from

Japanese as a “mountain blade”, which is a reflection of the samurais’ legacy. The company’s visual identity has also always been a celebration of Japanese heritage and symbolism.

For the first decade after the company’s foundation, Yamaha Motors didn’t have sầu a complete biệu tượng công ty, it used the Yamaha Corporation symbol, created at the beginning of the twentieth century, which is still the basis of the brand’s visual identity.

1967 – 1980


The official Yamaha hình ảnh was designed in 1967 and featured a wordmark with an iconic symbol on its left. The logo sản phẩm is executed in a monochrome palette, where the blaông chồng is the main color. The wordmark is written in all capital letters, using a svào sans-serif typeface with strict clear lines.

1980 – 1987


In 1980 the brand decides to lớn lighter the emblem và switches the colors of the image và the background. The logo looks more balanced and fresh now. The wordmark’s lines are refined and the lettering is more elegant in this version.

1987 – 1998


In 1987 the brand uses a single wordmark for its hình ảnh. Yamaha removed the emblem in order khổng lồ get a more minimadanh mục & modern look, this concept stayed with the company for more than ten years, but the rich history and heritage came baông chồng as the main value in 1998.

1998 – Today


The rekiến thiết of the Yamaha hình ảnh, held in 1998, brings baông xã the iconic symbol and adds color lớn the brand’s visual identity. The monochrome palette is replaced by red and white, which symbolize the passion and energy of the powerful company.

The wordmark, executed in a neat và confident typeface, which is cthảm bại khổng lồ Swiss 911 Extra Compressed, features narrowed & bold lettering, which looks remarkable in the new red color.

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The symbol


The main element of the Yamaha visual identity is its symbol, which has been the central figure of the company’s emblem since its establishment.

The original Yamaha symbol was created in 1898 và was the most ornate and detailed of all the versions. It was composed of a Phoenix bird, which was holding a tuning fork in his mouth. The company wanted to lớn celebrate its musical protệp tin & decided lớn use the tuning fork as its trademark.

The Phoenix leaves the Yamaha emblem in 1916 và the first prototype of today’s biểu tượng logo is created in the same year. Three tuning forks forming a Star are executed in a monochrome palette.

Throughout the years the symbol was modernized several times, and the version of the Yamaha emblem we all know today was designed in 1964.

A few modifications were done to lớn the symbol since that time. The lines were refined & the color palette switched lớn the White image on a red background.


Today the Yamaha emblem looks three-dimensional due khổng lồ the use of light gray gradient color, which is added lớn Trắng. The Yamaha red is also lightened và looks more vivid và dynamic.

The Yamaha symbol is one of the strongest and most iconic images in the contemporary visual identity design. It has a lot of sense and meanings in it, being at the same time exceptionally executed with elegance, finesse, and style. It is an instantly recognizable work, which is timeless & sophisticated.

A true jewel, celebrating the brand’s legacy and success, reflecting a powerful và influential brvà, that looks inkhổng lồ tomorrow with a huge optimist và warmth.