As I was working my way through the Sony FE lens reviews, I was especially looking forward lớn this one.The Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens is a best-seller & a very much-loved lens.Popularity often means the lens is a good one, at least relative sầu to lớn the price, but macro lenses in general are very fun.There are very few photographers that cannot make regular use of a macro lens, the availability of macro subjects is extremely high and these subjects are often quite intriguing at the high magnification that these lenses invite, making final images especially interesting.

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That this image stabilized lens can be used for general purpose 90milimet needs, including portraiture, adds lớn the lens"s versatility.That this versatile lens does not carry an extreme price has undoubtedly aided its popularity.The FE 90milimet f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens is a great choice for Sony kits.Let me tell you why.


Focal Length

Focal length decisions should be made based on the perspective sầu và subject framing desired.How far vì chưng you want to be from the subject và what juxtaposition between the elements in the frame is desired?If tight framing & a long subject distance are preferred, a longer focal length is needed & the opposite is also true.

Macro lenses are available in a range of focal lengths, but I find that the 90-105milimet range is usually the best range for general purpose macro photography.

One of this lens"s most desirable features is its 1.00x maximum magnification, its macro capability.I"ll talk more about that aspect later, but especially relevant to the focal length discussion is the working distance provided by this focal length at or near this magnification.The longer the focal length, the more working distance is available & the less likely that little living creatures such as insects will be frightened away while, or even worse, before being photographed.In this regard, 90milimet is about average for macro lenses with the difference between 90mm and 100milimet or 105mm being insignificant for most practical purposes.Those chasing insects và using a full frame camera might prefer a longer focal length & those working with mid-sized products at cthua distances may prefer a wider focal length macro lens.Otherwise, 90milimet is probably just right.

Another consideration especially relevant khổng lồ macro photography is how much of the background is visible at a given working distance (based on angle of view) and how that background is rendered via compression and magnification, resulting in blur.I"ll talk more about background blur, but once again, this lens is just slightly wider than the average for macro lenses available in other mounts.You get slightly more background in the frame with slightly less background blur than the comtháng 100mm & 105milimet options, but far less background and significantly more blur compared khổng lồ a lens such as theSony FE 50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens.The 150mm và 180milimet macro lens options of course frame even narrower và create a more significant background blur.

I doubt that anyone could compile a complete các mục of subjects available for a macro lens regardless of focal length.Great little macro subjects abound – they are everywhere.Insects, spiders, plants, food & candy, coins, jewelry, craft items and commercial products – the danh mục goes on.Bringing trang chính flowers for your spouse may help them better enjoy (support) your macro photography pursuits and they will likely appreciate prints of the results adorning your walls.

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Simply walking around outside of your house will surely turn up interesting things lớn focus on.On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I had no trouble entertaining myself for hours in the garden.


While many look at a macro lens as being specific for close-up photography, nearly all macro lenses work very well for many other purposes compatible with their focal length and the short telepholớn 90mm focal length has a host of useful applications.

One of the primary uses for a 90milimet lens is portraiture.The 90mm focal length provides a great perspective sầu for all types of portraits, especially for individual portraits ranging from moderately-tightly cropped head shots lớn as widely-framed as you have sầu working space for.With adequate working distance, small group và family portraits are even within this lens"s capabilities.A 90milimet macro lens is great for weddings, capturing details of a dress one minute, portraits the next & photos of the rings moments later without a lens change required.

While many sports are best captured with very long focal length lenses, not all require such và you may find a 90milimet lens ikhuyến mãi for some sports.The 90mm focal length (like most others) can be successfully used for landscape photography.A 90mm lens also works very well for commercial và general studio photography applications along with a wide range of other uses too numerous to lớn mention.

Utilizing a smaller image circle means that APS-C sensor format cameras frame a scene more tightly, with 1.5x being the multiplier (FOVCF) used khổng lồ determine the full frame angle of view equivalent.Multiplying 90milimet by 1.5x yields 135milimet as the angle of view equivalent for this lens.This tighter angle of view is useful for similar purposes as just described, though the longer working distance favors macro work (including insects) and tightly framed portraits but less-favors group portraits or large products.


Max Aperture

While an f/2.8 aperture is not especially wide for prime lenses around this focal length, f/2.8 is very common for the macro prime lenses and f/2.8 is a relatively wide/fast aperture amuốn lenses in general.

With an f/2.8 aperture, this lens is handholdable & capable of stopping action in relatively low light levels without resorting to lớn very high/noisy ISO settings.In combination with the short telepholớn focal length and a closely positioned subject, f/2.8 permits a very strong, subject-isolating background blur.While there are times when you may want everything khổng lồ be in focus, most macro subjects look great mix against a creamy-looking background không tính tiền of distracting elements.