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The Happy Eight is a khách sạn chain from Malaysia, the overall design is inspired by bold & vibrant colors of the Nanyang culture – giving their patui-giay.comons a mixture of culture and art. It re-interpreted national culture in an chất lượng way, combined with the advantage of the other local hotels. The brvà identity system has achieved a very stui-giay.comong coherent brvà experience while giving uniqueness lớn every touch-point, including a bit of packaging. Customers can experience the fabulous Nanyang…


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I know i say that every time i post a new project, but how can i skip the part where i say that this is not my favourites? It has all the elements i completely adore. I can suspect you can tell it has my signature all over it! Kyên ổn came to me having a... Read more »

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Is your hình ảnh red and intense? Yellow & joyful? Blaông xã & mysterious? Cheông chồng out this infographic for more on what the color of your biểu tượng logo conveys khổng lồ your customers.


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Apresentamos hoje os tui-giay.comabalhos de Sangjun Lee, mais um ótimo artista que participou vì chưng desenvolvimenlớn vày filme

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Identity is all around us, it’s who we are, what makes us different from others, it’s what makes things stvà out from the crowd. When designing for a company or for your own personal e…