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URC Vietnam giới Co., Ltd.


Số 42 VSIP. Đại lộ Tự Do, VSIPhường 1, Thuận An, Bình Dương

URC Vietnam giới is a subsidiary of URC & is 100% owned by URC. It started its operations in 2003. The Company has built three factories in Binc Duong, one in Quang Ntua and one in Hanoi & is now one of the leading Food and Beverage companies with well-known brands such as C2 và Rong Do for beverages, Cream-O và Magic for biscuits, Dynamite for candies và Funbites và Jachồng & Jill Potakhổng lồ Chips for snacks.

Since it began its operations in Vietnam giới, URC has only used modern manufacturing equipment from Italy and Germany such as SIPA, GEA Procomac, Imaforni, Haas, Schaaf, etc. These machines consistently undergo strictly scheduled preventive maintenance và inspection and retested before every cycle of use.

All URC factories in Vietphái nam are certified for the Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008 & Food Safety Management System ISO 22001. These international accreditations are renewed every three years and with constant checks by international agencies khổng lồ ensure consistent practice. Furthermore, URC has mix to get certified with the more stringent international Food Safety Certification called the FSSC 22000 by 2018.

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The Company has a strong management & organization structure with its current employment of approximately 1,800 employees comprised of various sections manned by competent and well-trained staff. Strong HR systems also nurture each individual employee in terms of their growth & development, và in turn, the employees take pride in being part of the company. They have the passion lớn produce quality products to delight our consumers. They ensure that our products meet the exact standards that the Company has mix up.

URC Vietphái nam is committed khổng lồ Vietnam’s development in the long run. Our business goal goes beyond producing và selling chất lượng products as we also direct our efforts to lớn create sustainability programs for our targeted communities where we operate in.

URC Vietphái nam believes that it has the responsibility to lớn work on various initiatives for our people (consumers, employees and communities), for the environment and for our partners.

URC Vietnam’s commitment is to ensure we make one’s life a little better from where one came from & the aspiration that every dream can be fulfilled.