Among muốn some of the critically acclaimed logos in the whole world, the Canon biểu tượng logo occupies a place of distinction. Be it the vibrant red color or the unusual C with its inverted edge all the elements of a Canon hình ảnh speaks up of cool efficiency và state of the art features.

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The origin of today’s world-famous brvà Canon can be traced in Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory that was established baông xã in 1933. The first mix of cameras was manufactured as a part of the business trial và these early birds were named Kwanon after the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Now, this Goddess was the possessor of a thousand arms and spat flames.

The first Canon logo was created by following the imagery of this Goddess with a thousand arms and flames. So how did it come lớn acquire today’s smart & cool look? Let’s go through the evolution of the Canon logo.

From the very beginning, the company worked with an ambition of reaching out to lớn the outer world and as such the company wanted to lớn adopt a name that will be acceptable globally. With this intention, the company name was changed from Kwanon lớn Canon và it was registered as the biệu tượng công ty trademark name of the company in the year 1935.


The name Canon has its own significance. In a sense, canon means the setting of standard & the company became successful in becoming an industry leader and their products became the yardstick for judging the quality of the others’ products. Thus the naming và the company hình ảnh sản phẩm became accurate for a business entity that is engaged in the manufacturing of precision machineries.

It also reflected the company’s vision of becoming the standard in their field of products. Thus from the very beginning, the Canon logo bore the company’s global perspectives.

Starting from 1947, when the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory became Canon Camera Co., Inc., several versions of the hình ảnh sản phẩm were used. It was ultimately in 1953 that a unified version was created. There were a few changes & modifications before the final refinement took place in 1955. Then onward, the Canon biểu tượng logo remained unchanged for nearly half a century.

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Today, the Canon biệu tượng công ty makes one of the most recognized brands around the globe. With its chất lượng C with a twist inward, the Canon biểu tượng logo was too modern for its time. The unique typeface used in this hình ảnh sản phẩm existed nowhere in Europe or North America. Today, the camera giant boasts of world’s one of the distinguished name ad logo that rightly reflects the company’s global ambitions và superior production standard.


We write a lot about logo evolution, and many people may wonder why. The answer is simple: even the best brands must change khổng lồ be more relevant lớn an ever-changing market. If your br& & logo kiến thiết are going strong, rebranding can be a scary process because you don’t want to lớn thua trận the value of your current hình ảnh design—also known as your br& equity.

The change in the Cerner biệu tượng công ty is a good example of this. Now, we have written before about more notable logo sản phẩm evolutions—such as the changes over time in the Apple logo sản phẩm or the Starbucks biểu tượng logo. Cerner is not as large or easily recognized of a company, but we are interested in their change được in logo nhãn hiệu thiết kế và brand because it is a perfect example of good logo evolution.

Cerner is an IT services company specializing in healthcare organizations. We have sầu never really thought about who maintains the computers at our local doctor’s office, but this is likely the company because they are the top of their field. The old hình ảnh sản phẩm features a C—or is that a circle?—with two bars flowing out of it. The new biệu tượng công ty thiết kế features basically the same thing, but in a better way.

We still see the same basic shape in the new biệu tượng công ty image, but with notable changes. The C is now obviously so; there is no more mistaking it for a circle. The bars are connected to the circle, giving it a feeling of movement & continuity. A friendlier font is being used as well as more modern, friendly colors. The old xanh was business-lượt thích & serious, while the new blue is a bright, serene sky blue. The addition of lime green creates a more interesting và memorable logo while bringing attention to the bars in the image. Green also indicates health & growth, which is a positive sầu connotation for a company in the health care field lớn be sure.

What makes this a hình ảnh sản phẩm evolution và not a flat out change? As you can see, the khung of the logo kiến thiết is the same, with the image on the left and the company name on the right. The old company hình ảnh sản phẩm was often seen with the tagline below, but the new one (so far) is left plain. The màu xanh lá cây is kept, but it is a more modern shade, và a little green is added. The image is largely the same as well, merely updated lớn be more appealing to lớn a modern, professional audience.

If your biểu tượng logo kiến thiết is an atrocity, or even just a little bl& like this one, a logo evolution can be the right choice. You can keep the recognition of your br& & make necessary changes without compromising the integrity of your business. An out of date logo can vì a lot of harm khổng lồ a business, so it is better khổng lồ make small changes as they are needed rather than waiting until your brvà needs a complete overhaul.